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PFP Pty Ltd trading as Pacific Fresh was formed in 1993 by a group of individual citrus growers in the Riverina. In 1996 the shareholders decided to merge their operations together, thereby shutting down their individual packing houses and moving all their operations into one central and updated location based half way between Yanco and Leeton, NSW. This has helped Pacific Fresh to ensure that they can maintain a high standard of quality to all their customers.

Leeton, NSW is located in the Riverina, and is the heart of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, approximately 550kms south west from Sydney, 500kms north of Melbourne and 850kms east of Adelaide. Leeton is a showcase of contemporary rural Australia with its Art Deco history, diverse agriculture and renowned country hospitality.


Leeton’s favourable climate and location, helps our growers to provide Pacific Fresh with quality citrus products, which inturn provides Pacific Fresh and the Riverina navels to earn the reputation of having the best flavoured and coloured citrus in the world.

Pacific Fresh is owned and managed by 8 shareholders/directors, who are mostly 3rd generation farmers and collectively own up to 1,800 acres of citrus varieties and grape vines. Pacific Fresh has a 12% share of citrus grown in the Riverina and packs and markets a wide range of citrus varieties including; Summer Navels, Late Lane Navels, Cara Cara Navels, Valencia’s, Lemons and Grapefruit. Pacific Fresh have just recently purchased an extra 100 acres to plant new varieties of Navels and the new Dekopon mandarin variety known as the Sumo Citrus.

Our vision of continually providing high quality citrus products and being leaders in the domestic and international markets are valued by all our stakeholders. Therefore the company is committed to the operation and maintenance of an efficient quality system, planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions.

Pacific Fresh ensures the safety and quality of all its products. In order to achieve and maintain our quality standards, Pacific Fresh has been accredited with a Certification Assurance under AQIS arrangements and is certified with HACCP as defined by CAC / RCP 1 – 1969 (rev. 4 – 2003) SGS. Pacific Fresh is also accredited with WQA,SQF standard and an Interstate Certification Assurance Arrangement for the DPI (ICA – 23). Pacific Fresh supplies and packs for most Australian capital city markets and a range of domestic customers. PFP’s best known domestic brands include; PFP Blue, 4SC and Jusweet.

Also Pacific Fresh exports their quality local citrus to Canada, UK, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India and Middle East markets including, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and into the USA, (as a shareholder of Riversun Export Pty Ltd).
Pacific Fresh values all of their customers and is committed to achieving excellence, and also continuing to supply a high standard of quality local citrus domestically and abroad.

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